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Practitioner-led Process Improvement:For “sticky” processes

In previous posts, we have seen how to use the Six Honest Serving Men to define the elements of a process, while keeping it from becoming stupid. In the latter, one of the items we briefly touched upon was to make Process definition “Practitioner-led.” Today, we’ll dive into this inclusive way a little more. [In […]

Defining a Process? Use the Six Honest Serving Men

In Process – How to develop one that is not stupid, we looked at how we can develop a process that empowers people to do to their thing and not stand in their way. But how do we actually develop one that can assist us in achieving the above goal? Using the concept of Six Honest serving […]

Process – How to develop one that is not stupid

“Process” in the software development world has been characterized with colorful adjectives. I am here to defend it. What is about the word “Process” that makes people run fro cover? I see a lot of people who turn to Agile, not because they realize its worth, but because they think it frees them to do […]

10 Takeaways from SEI’s High Maturity Measurements report

This post is based on the “Performance Effects of Measurement and Analysis: Perspectives from CMMI High Maturity Organizations and Appraisers” from the SEI (Relevant page to download the report is here) The SEI has published a seminal report (although its around 150 pages only), comparing the use of statistical methods and models with high-maturity levels […]

Metrics Definition – Gaining Agreement from your Stakeholders – Part 1

The most common problem in a Metrics program is defining the "why" for each of the metrics. The second most common problem is getting agreement from all stakeholders on the "what-when-where-which-how" parts of the definition. In this 2-part series, we will look at what you can do to make this easier for your stakeholders to […]