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Practitioner-led Process Improvement:For “sticky” processes

In previous posts, we have seen how to use the Six Honest Serving Men to define the elements of a process, while keeping it from becoming stupid. In the latter, one of the items we briefly touched upon was to make Process definition “Practitioner-led.” Today, we’ll dive into this inclusive way a little more. [In […]

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10 Takeaways from SEI’s High Maturity Measurements report

This post is based on the “Performance Effects of Measurement and Analysis: Perspectives from CMMI High Maturity Organizations and Appraisers” from the SEI (Relevant page to download the report is here) The SEI has published a seminal report (although its around 150 pages only), comparing the use of statistical methods and models with high-maturity levels […]

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Metrics Definition – Gaining Agreement from your Stakeholders – Part 1

The most common problem in a Metrics program is defining the "why" for each of the metrics. The second most common problem is getting agreement from all stakeholders on the "what-when-where-which-how" parts of the definition. In this 2-part series, we will look at what you can do to make this easier for your stakeholders to […]

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