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Some thoughts on Risk Management

I was reading a great article from Harwinder of Deep Fried Brain on 20 Common Project Risk Management Terms Explained. The other two terms that are quite important in the risk Management domain are Risk Probability and Risk Impact. These are usually quantitative and provide guidance on correctly prioritizing risks (and therefore allocating the planned […]

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PMO Series: Quality Management

The first part of this series provided an overview of the PMO, types of PMOs and typical functions. The second part looked at the role of PMO in setting up and monitoring Change Management processes and activities. This post looks at the Quality Management/Assurance responsibilities of the PMO. Quality Management is a less-emphasized function of […]

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Series: Project, Program and Enterprise PMO

Over the years, the management of IT projects has evolved considerably. Project Managers managed and delivered projects, regardless of size. However, with increasing complexity of IT projects, it was becoming difficult to deliver projects on time, within budget and with acceptable quality levels. Project Management began to be studied as a separate discipline and project […]

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