Sorry, we don’t need Pure Project Managers

This was the response a friend received from a respected MNC. Before you think that this organization needs people who have “impure thoughts”, let me put it on context.

PM needs General Mgmt, Domain/Tech and other discplines

The opening was for a Project Manager to lead projects in building large E-learning courses and associated Learning Management systems. However, as my friend discovered, they needed people who had a background in Instructional Design and/or professional teaching experience! This sort of thing is sort of understandable in high-tech domains, but is becoming more widespread in web-based projects too.

This leads me to think that Project Management as a profession is in danger in the near future – either be tech-savvy enough to write a few lines of code for the project when falling behind or know the business enough to converse with the Business Analyst.

[Reminded me of the scene in the movie “Defiance” – when one of the newcomers to the camp early on is asked what he does, he replies “I am an intellectual”. People look at him incredulously!]

What do you think? Can someone be just a Project Manager – someone who can handle an ERP project one day and a telecom project the next?

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